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The Counselor. All this is excellent and enlightening and galvanizing, but we nevertheless was not sure in regards to the info I became getting

This is excellent and enlightening and galvanizing, but I however was not positive in regards to the details I became receiving. I know that part of taking good care of yourself as an HIV positive people involves educating yourself, and I posses faith that these men learn their own crap a whole lot more than used to do, at the very least. But the facts that all of them hold correct that hooking up with men who is good but undetectable might hardly ever or in fact never ever lead to the issues of a negative specific it behooves them to hold true. Because they profess to-be moral individuals, they willnot have relaxed intercourse should they wantmatures search don’t think this.

I’m not claiming they can be incorrect, I’m just proclaiming that they could be biased. They might be peoples, most likely.

Through a pal, though, I found myself in a position to relate with Bryan Kutner, a therapist who was simply in southern area Africa working together with an HIV-prevention class once I achieved over to him. He could be a vital populations specialist and a consultant with Columbia University in addition to damage decrease Coalition.

Kutner pointed us to a recent study recommending that just because HIV was invisible in blood does not mean its undetectable in semen. It’s one study of a little sample of HIV-positive males (81), but it does suggest that are invisible is not the “free move” that some want it to be, possibly.