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I am a limit and he was an aquarius. He informed me the guy adore me personally but im frightened to offer your my fancy.

If the guy actually enjoys your, he can program it. If the guy reveals it, youa€™re one lucky bastard!

Hello my sister Ia€™m in identical watercraft Ia€™m a cover we too already think myself personally slipping go mountains for my personal aquarius youthful man.From my past hurt too.I say stick to all of our hearts but nonetheless defend they with the help of our behavior.

Ia€?m a Jan limit girl and my personal guy is actually a Jan Aqua guy. There is genuine fascination with both and we also render both laugh, You will find not ever been one of those uptight cappys and I am more interested in the alternative and peculiar than he or she is but their love for humanity and freedom has trained me to become more tolerant of their quirky weirdness and he becomes myself as I see severe.

Ia€?m a Jan Cap woman and my personal man try a Jan Aqua guy. We now have authentic love for each other and we also create each other make fun of, We have not ever been one of those uptight cappys I am also more interested in the alternative and eccentric than he is but his love for humankind and freedom provides coached me to be more tolerant of his wacky weirdness in which he will get me if it is time for you to getting serious

bruh im a capricorn woman and im therefore in deep love with my personal aquarian mana€¦ he could be probably the most selfless and romantic astrology sign after you get his interest.